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Quarterly Reports

Quarterly reports are used to indicate the number hours worked in the various areas of psychology during the supervision period.

A single report covers a three month period of supervised psychological work.  There are 4 fixed quarters during any given year: January - March, April - June, July - September, and October - December.  A supervisee may work a complete quarter or a partial quarter and reports should reflect the work completed during the time period of a particular quarterly report.

Quarterly reports can be mailed or faxed to the Board office.  Please note that we only need one copy.  Retain a copy of your reports in the event that reports are not received by the Board office. 

The Board office keeps a spreadsheet listing the hours that a supervisee has completed and will at times update a supervisee's progress. 

Below are the various instructions and forms used to report psychology work hours.  Feel free to contact the office if you have questions.


Materials for Psychologists

Instructions for Psychologist Reports

Quarterly Report Form


Materials for School Psychologists

Instructions for School Psychologist Reports

School Psychologist Quarterly Report Form


updated 12/2006