The West Virginia Board of         

        Examiners of Psychologists   Ψ   


Interim Review Information

Below is the interim review section from Title 17, Series 2.  The review materials will be mailed to each candidate early in the year of their scheduled review. 

5.1.  Submission of Documents.  --  As noted in Series 3 Legislative Rule §17-3-5 Master’s level supervised-psychologists who have completed two years of supervision are required to submit three (3) work samples during their third year of supervision.  This rule applies only to individuals in the Master’s level psychology licensure tract.  The purpose of this requirement is to evaluate the supervisees’ progress towards appropriate standards of care.

5.2.e.  All supervisees who are approved to be Master’s level supervised-psychologists in calendar year 2009 and thereafter shall be subject to an Interim Review which will be held during their third year of supervision.  A packet of materials will be mailed to this group in January advising of deadlines and materials needed for the review.

5.3.  Review Process.  --  Three work products are to be submitted.

5.3.a.  A comprehensive psychological evaluation.  If test administration/interpretation services are being performed by the supervised-psychologist, the document must include the test results and interpretative statements.

5.3.b.  Treatment summary report including the most recent progress or clinical note.

5.3.c.  Interim Demonstrable Competency Form (IDCF).

5.4.  All documents must be signed by both the supervisee and supervisor.

5.5.  Two reviewing Board members will assess the documents submitted by each supervisee.  Each reviewer will provide a numerical rating regarding each work product. 

5.5.a.  A numerical grade of 1 will be assigned to a document that is considered good in reference to the level of experience of the applicant. Notations may be provided by each reviewer regarding areas for further improvement.

5.5.b.  A numerical grade of 2 will be assigned to a document that is considered acceptable but which has significant areas that require improvement before candidates would be considered ready for oral examinations. Suggestions by each reviewer will be provided to the supervisee. 

5.5.c.  A numerical grade of 3 will be assigned to a document that is unacceptable.

5.5.d.  If either reviewer issues a grade of 3, the two Board members will prepare a joint communication to the supervisee and to the supervisor.  A copy of this correspondence will be maintained in the supervisee’s file as well as the file of the supervisor.  Depending upon the nature of the problem(s), the Board may require a face-to-face meeting with the Board, change in supervision, required participation in additional educational activities, and/or other remediation strategies.

5.5.e.  When a broad range of competencies is being claimed by the supervised-psychologist, a review of the Interim Demonstrable Competency Form may lead to the recommendation that more than one supervisor be assigned to the supervised-psychologist.  Supervisors who do not feel comfortable supervising a particular clinical competency area are directed to make notations on the Interim DCF regarding the need for additional supervision in those areas.